Accuracy carries user-friendly usability with streamlining workflow 12CH Resting ECG

Diagnostic 12CH resting ECG 

Reliable measurement allow care givers to get access the accurate ECG acquisition with diagnostic analysis with touch operation

Experience the benefit of ECG product portfolio


Easy patient management with bi-directional connectivity

  • Easy patient entry with barcode scanner in worklist
  • Patient data management with PC based BMS Plus

One touch operation to simplify workflow

  • “AUTO” trigger button from acquisition, analysis to print-out & data transfer in 3 seconds
  • ECG report in DICOM, MFER, PDF, XML, JPG, BMP

Advanced diagnostic algorithm & modes

  • Enhanced full disclosure
  • ECG report in text, guide, vector report format for advanced interpretation
  • Long term recording up to 10 min’ for HRV analysis
  • Auto Arrythmia detection
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