EvoPatch & CareMe

EvoPatch & CareMe, The Total Solution for Your Health Care


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BMI scale Location alert Behavior nudge

Manage Chronic Illness

  • Keeping track of chronic disease patient at risk
  • Daily check-up circulation for senior living
  • Notify patient risk
  • Early intervention by professional services

Track Personal Health

  • Daily personal check-up
  • Keeping track of vitals
  • Personal scoring board for early risk notice
  • Extended professional medical care service

Monitor Patient Health

  • Real-time data access through Cloud
  • Early detection of patient risk
  • Immediate intervention for emergency
  • Interactive patient connection by video consultation


Medical Grade Wearable Vital Sign Sensor


Real-time acquisition with medical grade accuracy

  • Lead II real-time single ECG acquisition
  • 5 parameters of ECG, heart rage, respiration, temperature, fall detection
  • Skin temperature sensor

Optimized design for 72 hr continuous monitoring

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with 72 hr continuous operation capacity
  • Disposable non-toxic hydrogel adhesive for non-skin irritation application
  • Lightweight & compact size (EvoPatch 17g, 80 x 34 mm, EvoPatch Pro 24g, 100 x 37.4 mm)
  • Water resistant IPX44


Integrated Telehealth Mobile App

  • Standard EvoPatch parameters
  • Future capability of enhanced parameters
    • SpO2: Oxygen saturation
    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • IVD: Glucose, Cholesterol
    • BMI scale
    • Location reference & behavior nudge
  • Video call menu
  • Urgent care mode for emergency care
  • Trend Review
  • Cloud server access
  • iOS & Android (TBD)

CareMe Sync

Central Monitoring Solution

  • Central monitoring platform for multiple patients at a single workstation
  • Real-time alarm for immediate intervention
  • Real-time scoring board (Early Warning Score / TBD)
  • Effective workflow of continuous & spot check data management from acquisition to trend review for hospital, senior living
  • Optimized monitoring platform for patients under quarantine
  • Cloud server access for remote data access (TBD)
  • Windows PC, Android, iOS (TBD)
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