Cardio Q50

 Cardio Q50 is our newest ECG machine to save your time with AUTO Key for simple 3-step workflow, providing 8” wide color capacitive LCD touchscreen.

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slide1 CardioQ50 report paper 12-lead resting ECG with full analysis and interpretation CardioQ50 product body Cardio Q50, more values in one place slide2 CardioQ50 report paper Flexible HIS/EMR connectivity options CardioQ50 product body Cardio Q50 makes your ECG exams more valuable slide3 CardioQ50 report paper Support multiple methods for documentation and reporting CardioQ50 product body Cardio Q50 makes your ECG exams more valuable slide4 CardioQ50 report paper HIPAA-compliant security protocols CardioQ50 product body Cardio Q50 makes your ECG exams more valuable slide5 CardioQ50 report paper Spirometry option CardioQ50 product body Cardio Q50 makes your ECG exams more valuable

Why Cardio Q50?

Time Saving Intuitive Design

  • AUTO Key: Supports simple 3-step workflow
  • 8” wide color LCD touchscreen
  • Onboard Z-fold printer (Optional)
  • Max. 10 hour high capacity battery
  • Quick exam function without patient ID entry
  • Barcode scanner via USB
  • Device settings can be exported and imported by a USB drive
  • Lead fault detection & notice

Improved Clinical Decisions

  • Preview screen before print-out
  • Full disclosure for 30 minutes (Live mode available)
  • Long-term ECG recording for 1, 3, 5,10, 20, 30 minute intervals
  • Real-time arrhythmia detection (13 types)
  • Heart Rate Variability(HRV) analysis
  • Diagnostic interpretations (120 diagnoses)
  • Custom reports for detailed interpretations and analysis (Text, ST segment and map, Guide, Vector)
  • Spirometer (Optional): COPD, FVC, SVC, MVV

Comprehensive Documentation and Reports

  • PACS, GDT, Web server, Direct EMR (Direct and bidirectional connectivity)
  • Extended data storage (500 cases)
  • Various standard file formats: PDF, XML, MFER, BMP, JPG
  • USB connectivity for external memory, external keyboard or printer
  • HDMI connectivity for external monitor

HIPAA-Compliant Security

  • Information is encrypted and protected
  • Different ID, password, roles and authority by user
  • Auto standby, shut down
  • Hide patient name and hospital information
  • Event log

Bionet Patented ST Map

  • Visual information of ST segment deviation and spatial orientation
  • Intuitive and easy understanding of each clinical location of subendocardial ischemia and transmural injury
  • More frequent, quick, and accurate monitoring to enhance medical treatment for cases of myocardial ischemia

Customer Resources

Cardio Q50
Quick Guide
Cardio Q50
Quick Manual
Cardio Q50
Cardio Q50
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