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[CardNews] Wearable ECG ⌚

[CardNews] Wearable ECG ⌚ Wearable ECGs make it easy to monitor your heart health by recording your heart activity throughout the day. Learn more in CardNews! #Bionet #ECG #EKG #WearableECG #WristworntypeECG #PatchtypeECG #StraptypeECG #ClothingbasedtypeECG #MedicalInformation

[NEWS] ‘Cardio P1’ FDA Cleared!

[NEWS] 'Cardio P1' FDA Cleared! [SEOUL, South Korea, November 14, 2023] Bionet has successfully obtained FDA clearance for Cardio P1, a PC-based ECG system. Cardio P1, a compact ECG designed

[NEWS] Explore Bionet at MEDICA 2023!

[NEWS] Explore Bionet at MEDICA 2023! Today marks the beginning of 'MEDICA 2023,' the world's premier medical technology trade fair. Bionet is excited to showcase an extensive range of state-of-the-art

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