BMS Plus

ECG/Spirometer Software

BM5 Plus is an ECG /Spirometer monitoring S/W that can monitor, save, print ECG data and also measure ECG complexes with easy to use tool.



  • Preview & control your ECG Machine
  • Save and review ECG data
  • Send saved ECG data to email
  • Print ECG data from Window-Based Printer
  • Magnify sections of ECG tracking for easy reading
  • Measure ECG complexes with easy to use tools
  • Change ECG settings in real-time
  • Ensures JPG format is compatible with most EMR packages
  • Add custom comments to ECG data
  • Includes ECG mode: monitor & record
  • View real-time ECG preview data before printing
  • Compare two different ECG datas

Preview & control Bionet ECG machines

  • Transfer ECG data to your computer
  • Control ECG data from the computer
  • Includes both monitor & record mode

Save & Review ECG data

  • Change ECG settings (sensitivity, filters, output)
  • Add customer comments to the ECG
  • Magnify sections of the ECG tracing for easy reading
  • Measure ECG complexes with easy to use tools
  • Compare two different ECG data side by side

Save ECG data format, compatible with most EMR/PACs packages

  • Print ECG data from your Window based printer
  • Preview real-time ECG data before printing
  • Various data format support: JPG, TEXT, PDF, DICOM(option), XML and MFER
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How to install Bionet BMS Plus

How to connect BMS Plus to Bionet ECG machine

How to use Bionet BMS Plus

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