Brio X Series

Brio X series is our newest patient monitor with an external module box “Paramount”. its powerful performance offers operating under any circumstances.

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See Better, Move faster

With a clear & wide display, the Brio X series offers better monitoring visibility with a capacitive touch screen in no time. An enhanced operating environment with rotary knob & short-cut keys so that users can operate under any circumstances easily & quickly.


We offer a clear wide touch display on Brio X for better legibility and control, not to mention the rotary knob and shortcut keys for an optimized workflow.

Compact, Lightweight, Modular Upgrade

With its compact & lightweight design, the Brio X series takes up minimum footprint space allowing more possibilities for a caring solution environment.
Post-upgradable module & thermal printer can be added anytime, anywhere with its easy mounting design minimizing the initial cost of ownership.

Decide quick and safe with the continuous scoring system

Equipped with EWS (Early Warning Score), and GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale), the Brio X series offers the optimized early warning scoring solutions at a glance for users to judge the patient status easily & quickly.
So much for the patient chart for EWS, and GCS. Digital data of EWS and GCS at the Brio X series can be registered & transferred by patient profile to EMR without any manual script errors.

Safe OR parameter solution

With its non-invasive C.O. calculation method, Brio X70 has fully loaded parameter anesthesia monitoring solutions of Multigas, EEG-based level of consciousness monitoring, and NMT.
All parameters are upgradeable with an external “PARAMOUNT” module box with an easy mounting feature.

Designed for rough conditions

Brio X reliable 24/7.
Brio have been approved by all mandatory environmental test by EMC, surviving water, impact and vibration, and high temperature test.

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Brio X Series
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