BT-Link PRO is a veterinary monitor software that interfaces with Bionet BM PRO series and also record Patient’s real-time data and waveforms.

Veterinary monitor software



  • Interface with Bionet’s BM PRO series (BM3VET PRO, BM5VET PRO, BM7VET PRO, BM3VET Touch, BM7VET)
  • Record Patient’s numeric data and real-time waveforms
  • Supports various report formats and file types
  • Saved reports and files can be attached directly to EMR
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows 7, 8, 10

Compatible with BM Pro series

  • Enables interface Bionet veterinary monitors directly to a Windows-based computer
  • Records numeric data and waveforms in real-time or retrieve saved numeric data
  • Supports various report formats & file types (PDF, TXT)
  • Transfers saved data & files into EMR management software
BT-Link Pro Display Screen
BT-Link Pro Display Screen

BM Data Review

Instructions on BT-Link

  1. Download the Software and FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.
  2. Once you have gone through all instructions and set up your patient monitor and computer, launch BT-Link Pro on your computer.
  3. If your computer displays what you see on your patient monitor, it is successful.
  4. If your computer does not display what is on your patient monitor, please call our office (+82-2-6300-6410) for technical assistance to determine the next step

Bionet Vet Monitor Testimonial with Operation

Bionet Vet BM Monitor Series with New Bionet Logo

How to install Bionet BT-Link Software

How to connect BT-Link to Bionet Veterinary Monitor (BM3Vet Touch and BM7Vet)

How to use Bionet BT-Link Software

How to use Bionet BT-Link Software

How to use BT-Link Review Software

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