Bionet’s ‘ST Map’ has been granted the US patent!

Bionet’s ‘ST Map’ has been granted the US patent!

Finally, Bionet’s ‘ST Map’, an electrocardiogram data display method for myocardial ischemia detection, has been patented.

ST Map is installed on Bionet’s major products such as Cardio 7, Cardio Q50/Q70/P1, and Brio X Series, allowing intuitive diagnosis of myocardial ischemia and damage.

📍ST Map
✔️Visual information of ST segment deviation and spatial orientation
✔️ Intuitive and easy understanding of each clinical location of subendocardial ischemia and transmural injury
✔️More frequent, quick, and accurate monitoring

As Bionet increases the technological competitiveness of our products in the global market, it is expected that our products will gain momentum in overseas expansion.

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