Fetal XP is a antepartum fetal monitor that is similar to FC1400 but with moveable display and built-in memory storage to 480 hours.

Antepartum fetal monitor with moveable display and built-in memory storage to 480 hours.



Rotatable, touch screen with intuitive functional keys to streamline workflow
  • 7” LCD rotatable, touch screen with 10 smart keys to streamline workflow of NST/CTG with fast, accessible trend mode
Graphic and Text mode
  • With easy recognition numeric data as well as wave display mode, care-givers can easily understand babies’ heart rates as well as UC movements.
Clinical & customizable note entry
  • Features 15 clinical notes & customizable 85 notes with password-able function for any further clinical reference of patient data
FC Central (Fetal central monitoring connectivity)
  • All Bionet fetal monitors have connectivity with FC Central monitoring system for data management for HIS as well as multiple remote viewer mode.
Integrated CTG/NST analysis
  • All Bionet fetal monitors have integrated CTG and NST as it features with detailed final report review and print-out.
Convenient CTG file conversion to JPG
  • User can convert CTG data into JPG to transfer to external USB memory
Auto mode for data accuracy
  • Auto TOCO zeroing & Auto fetal movement modes ensure data accuracy
Enhanced patient data storage up to 480 hrs
  • 480hr of trend capacity is easily traceable with touch of a screen so that users can easily understand FHR and UC changes in no time.

User-friendly interface & diagnosis

  • 7″ TFT LCD ( 800 X 480 ) with full touch operation
  • Intuitive 10 function keys for streamlining workflow
  • Graphic & large number display mode for easier data recognition
  • INOP alarm indication for easier recognition of physiological & technical alarm situations
  • Input note function for user’s configurable clinical annotations up to 100 notes
  • Paper feeding function for user’s manual note

Comprehensive data management usability

  • Touch screen scrolling trend data review up to 480hr
  • CTG interpretation up to 4hr 30min with intermediate report every 10 min
  • One touch CTG data conversion to JPEG to external USB memory
  • NST ( Non-Stress Test ) up to 90 min

Enhanced algorithm for accurate data collection

  • Auto TOCO zeroing
  • Auto fetal movement detection

Excellent connectivity

  • Wired / Wireless connection to FC Central II , Bionet’s fetal central monitoring system up to 16 beds
  • USB barcode scanner for patient ID registration
  • USB Wi-Fi converter connection
  • Network printer connection ( Bionet recommended only )
  • Easy & user-friendly DHCP network setting
  • Features LAN port

Various Display Mode


Graphic mode


Large number display mode


NST (Non-Stress Test) up to 90 min.

One Touch CTG data conversion to JPEG file to external USB memory

Categories: ,
Product SpecificationsValue
Printing Speed1,2,3cm/min,( Real time)
30 cm/min (Trace, 2,3 cm/min setting)
20 cm/min (Trace, 1 cm/min setting)
Fetal Heart RateInput Signal : Ultrasound pulsed doppler
FHR detection method : Autocorrelation
FHR range : 50~210
FHR accuracy : 120~160bpm : ±1 bpm
Except 120~160 : ±2 bpm
Ultrasound Tranducer
Operating mode : PWD Mode
Transducer Type : 9-crystal
Ultrasound frequency : 1.0MHz
Pulse Repetition Frequency : 3125Hz
Spatial-Peak Temporal Average Intensity : <10mW/cm2
Display7” Wide (800 X 480)
User InterfaceShort Key
Printer ResolutionMethod : Thermal Array Print
Type: Z-folder
"Print speed : 1,2,3cm/min,( Real time)
30 cm/min (Trace, 2,3 cm/min setting)
20 cm/min (Trace, 1 cm/min setting)"
Paper feeding function
Auto CTG AnalysisAverage Baseline FHR
Number of TOCO
Number of Acceleration
Number of Deceleration : Late, Early, Variable
High/Low Episode
Short term Variability
Signal Loss
* CTG Analysis results is printed out every 10 minutes
Uterine ContractionInput Source : External Transducer
Reference Control : One touch switch / Auto zeroing
Measurement range : 0~99
Line PowerInput : 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz, 1.5A, Single phase
Battery typeLithium ion
Battery CapacityLi-ion : 3 hours ( charging)
5 hours(discharging)
Data StorageStorage for 480 hours
Environmental Operation
• Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
• Storage Temperature: - 10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
• Operating Humidity: 30% to 85% RH
• Storage Humidity: 20% to 95% RH
• Operating Attitude: 70(700) to 106Kpa(1060mbar)
• Storage Attitude: 50(500) to 106Kpa(1060mbar)
Dimensions303(w)x.300(H)x244(D)(Approx. 4.7Kg)
Default Alarm SettingsAlarm Parameter: ON
Alarm Limit: 160, 120
Alarm Level: Medium

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