VEMO First Wireless and Wearable ECG sensor for VET

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the FIRST Wireless & Wearable ECG sensor for VET
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Simplify workflow with VEMO

  • The bionet VEMO is the wearable continuous ECG monitoring sensor for veterinary application with VEMO-APP which connects to Android / IOS tablet based on Bluetooth connectivity.
  • VEMO will make vet care-givers workflow easier and simpler for ECG, HR, respiration monitoring with real-time data trace along with the alarm notice.
  • With PATCH UP AND GO for 72hr continuous monitoring feature ( once fully charged ), VEMO is the optimized monitoring solution for the PRE/POST OP point of care.
  • Intuitive VEMO-APP will allow users to monitor multiple pets maximizing cost-effective workflow.
  • Get real-time data updated with VEMO-LNK, network-wifi based client viewer anywhere at the clinic precinct.

VEMO, born to be Patch-up and GO design

  • Small, lightweight ( 7.5g ) , optimized footprint for single-lead continuous ECG sensor for 72hrs monitoring
  • Two-sided adhesive & VEMO will never miss a bit for ECG rhythm and respiration
  • User friendly VEMO app : generating vital chart, sharing, recording mode
  • Multiple sensor connections with one tablet monitoring display
  • Easy charging with VEMO cradle

Easy & Intuitive VEMO APP

  • Available at APP Store of Android / IOS
  • Auto synchronization with serial No. between VEMO & Tablet
  • Easy patient data management with Canine & Feline
  • Real time ECG wave form display with numeric respiration
  • Multiple connections
  • 4 VEMO sensors : recommended
  • 6 VEMO sensors : required for system operation
  • Quick & easy vital chart generation in PDF & easy sharing &
    recording mode

VEMO-LINK, Central mobile viewer

  • Mobile client viewer application by WIFI network
  • Real time multiple VEMO sensors’ monitoring & alarm notice
  • VEMO-LINK is web-based mobile viewer.
  • Any users under same wifi network can easily get access to multiple VEMO patient data without signal loss.
  • With its easy and quick central monitoring connectivity, care-givers can monitor each patient condition
    remotely without coming to the cage for visible check nor manual chart writing regular basis.
  • VEMO-LNK will help care-givers’ effective time management and workflow without missing any critical sign as well as critical decision needed moment.
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