BMS-Plus is an ECG/Spirometer software program that enables you to interface Bionet electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) and spirometer machine, including the CardioCare 2000Cardio7 directly to Windows-based computers.

With your purchase of a Bionet ECG/Spirometer machine, you can download the free software to enhance your experience.

BMS-Plus Software
Available as a free download for all Bionet ECG/Spirometer users


  • Preview and Control Your Bionet ECG Machine
  • Save ECGs in JPG Format That You Can Then File or Email
  • Print Your ECGs From Your Windows-Based Printer
  • Magnify Sections of The ECG Tracing For Easy Reading
  • Measure ECG Complexes with Easy to Use Tools
  • Save and Recall ECGs on Your Computer
  • Change ECG Settings in Real Time
  • JPG Format Ensures Compatibility with Most EMR Packages
  • Transfer ECGs from The Machine to Your Computer
  • Add Custom Comments to The ECG
  • Includes Both a Monitor and Record ECG Mode
  • View a Real Time ECG Preview Before You Print
  • Compare Two Different ECGs Side by Side

Preview and control Bionet ECG machines

  • Transfer ECGs from the machine to your computer
  • Control everything from the computer
  • Includes both a monitor and record mode

Save and recall ECGs on your computer

  • Change ECG settings (sensitivity, filters, output)
  • Add customer comments to the ECG
  • Magnify sections of the ECG tracing for easy reading
  • Measure ECG complexes with easy to use tools
  • Compare two different ECGs side by side

Save ECGs data format which ensures compatibility with most EMR/PACS packages

  • Print your ECGs from your Windows based printer
  • View a real time preview before you print
  • Various data format support: JPG, TEXT, PDF, DICOM(option), XML and MFER

How to install Bionet BMS Plus


How to connect BMS Plus to Bionet ECG machine


How to use Bionet BMS Plus

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