Fetal XP


The Fetal XP is a Antepartum fetal monitor Care for the next generation with enhanced & accurate cardiotocograph algorithm

  • More Compact Probes and Robust Connectors
  • Automatic Fetal Movement Detection
  • Automatic TOCO Zeroing
  • Clinical Mark and Note Entering
  • 7” Wide Color LCD Viewer (800×480 Resolution)
  • Touch Screen Operation Along with 10 Smart Keys for 16 Functions
  • Graphic and Text Display Mode
  • Yellow/Green LED Alarm Lamp for Easier Recognition
  • 480-Hour Trace Data Reviewer
  • USB Flash Drive Storage for Exporting JPG File to EMR
  • High-Speed Printout of Stored Data
  • Paper Feeding for Short Handwriting Memo

User-friendly interface & diagnosis

  • 7” TFT LCD ( 800 X 480 ) with full touch operation
  • Intuitive 10 function keys for streamlining workflow
  • Graphic & big number display mode for easier data recognition
  • INOP alarm indication for easier recognition of physiological & technical alarm situations
  • Input note function for user’s configurable clinical annotations up to 100 notes
  • Paper feeding function for user’s manual note

Comprehensive data management usability

  • Touch screen scrolling trend data review up to 480hr
  • CTG interpretation up to 4hr 30min with intermediate report every 10min’
  • ONE TOUCH CTG data conversion to JPEG to external USB memory
  • NST ( Non-Stress Test ) up to 90min’

Enhanced algorithm for accurate data collection

  • Auto TOCO zeroing
  • Auto fetal movement detection

Excellent connectivity

  • Wired / Wireless connection to FC Central II , Bionet’s fetal central monitoring system up to 16 beds
  • USB barcode scanner for patient ID registration
  • USB wifi converter connection
  • Network printer connection ( Bionet recommended only )
  • Easy & user friendly DHCP network setting
  • LAN Port

Various Display Mode


Graphic mode


Big number display mode


Non-Stress Test up to 90 min

ONE TOUCH CTG data conversion to JPEG to external USB memory


FC 1400 Video Manual

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Feature Specification
Dimension 303 (W) x 300 (H) x 244 (D) mm, approx. 4.7 kg
Display 7" TFT wide LCD screen (800 X 480)
Recorder Method: Thermal array print
Type: Z-folder
Print speed:
- Real time mode: 1, 2, 3 cm/min
- Trace mode: 20, 30 cm/min
Paper feeding function
Power Input: 100 - 240 VAC, 1.5 - 0.7 A, 50 - 60 Hz / Output: 18 VDC, 2.8A
Battery (Option) Li-ion: 4 hours (charging) / 2 hours (discharging)
External Link USB flash drive
Fetal Heart Rate Input Signal: Ultrasound pulsed doppler
Ultrasound frequency: 1.0 MHz, 975 KHz
Ultrasound power: FHR detection method: Autocorrelation
FHR range: 50~210 BPM
FHR accuracy: 120~160: ±1 BPM / Except 120~160 BPM: ±2 BPM
Uterine Contraction Input Source: External Transducer with load cell
Reference Control: One touch switch, auto zeroing
Measurement range: 0~99
Fetal Movement Measurement Detection source: Ultrasound pulsed doppler, event marker
Data Storage Storage for 480 hours
Auto CTG Analysis Average Baseline FHR
Number of UC
Number of Acceleration
Number of Deceleration: Late, Early, Variable
High/Low Episode
Short term Variability
Signal Loss
* CTG Analysis results is printed out every 10 minutes (Intermediate report)
Standard Accessories Ultrasound doppler probe - 2 ea
UC probe - 1 ea
Event marker - 1 ea
Printer paper - 2 rolls
Power adaptor & cord - 1 ea
Ultrasound gel - 1 ea
Probe belt - 3 ea
Operation manual - 1 ea
Stand - 1 ea
Optional Accessories Rechargeable battery (1 ea), Cart
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